10 Tips for Packing a 5 Day Trip into a Backpack

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We love packing light and so I wanted to share with you 10 tips to help you be a minimal packer as well!

#1. You don’t need as much as you think. Set out everything you plan to take 3 days in advance, and then each day take an item or 2 off the list.

#2. Pack your socks/underwear/tanks into your extra pair of shoes to conserve space!

#3. Figure out what amenities there might be wherever you’re staying. If you don’t need to bring a hairdryer or shampoo or conditioner, you can save space in that way!

#4. Wear your bulkiest articles of clothing on the plane. It’s always cold in airports and on the plane anyways!

#5. Be selective with your entertainment. You probably won’t read 3 books in 5 days, so slim it down to 1 or none. Ebooks on your phone or iPad are always a great idea too!

#6. Transfer any of your large toiletries into little travel sized containers, or just go buy mini travel size toiletries.

#7. Do everything you can to make everything multipurpose. A scarf can be used as a blanket when chilly and yoga pants can be used for sleeping, exercise, or to keep your legs warm under your jeans!

#8. Pack neutrals with a few bursts of color. You’ll be able to make more outfits that way.

#9. Don’t pack any “just in case” items. Visualize your daily activities and commit to what you’ll be wearing each day.

#10. Make it a personal challenge! Envision how much time you’ll save waiting for your bag, how much money you’ll save not checking bags, adn how much more portable you’ll be!

We absolutely love packing light and hope these tips inspire you to simplify your travel!

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